Wedding Officiant

As a Catholic who was married to a Jewish man, I am in awe of the grace and diverse beauty between people: the sacred is between the two of you! I am proud to recognize the gift that marriage provides to society and am honored to walk beside you. As interfaith couples and families, or same-sex couples, often the sacred rituals of our families of origin no longer fit our needs: we are challenged to make meaning out of the sacred symbolism of our actions. I have worked with couples who are Christian/Catholic; Catholic/Jewish; Christian/Muslim; Christian/non-denominational, Jewish/Muslim and those that have no specific denomination. Part of my delight comes in getting to know you prior to your celebration and working with you to create what is unique, if possible. At the same time, I am comfortable with stepping in as needed, without having to craft a ceremony. I have devoted the past 30 years of my life to interfaith life and the discovery of the Divine within: the fun begins when we get to put it on paper!

I am commissioned to officiate by the Federation of Christian Ministries and licensed as a Universal Life Minister in the State of Illinois. I look forward to working with you!

"From their beginning to their most recent page, the annals of human history reveal the transcendent importance of marriage. The lifelong union of a man and a woman always has promised nobility and dignity to all persons, without regard to their station in life. Marriage is sacred to those who live by their religions and offers unique fulfillment to those who find meaning in the secular realm. Its dynamic allows two people to find a life that could not be found alone, for a marriage becomes greater than just the two persons. Rising from the most basic human needs, marriage is essential to our most profound hopes and aspirations. The centrality of marriage to the human condition makes it unsurprising that the institution has existed for millennia and across civilizations.

"Since the dawn of history, marriage has transformed strangers into relatives, binding families and societies together. Confucius taught that marriage lies at the foundation of government. This wisdom was echoed centuries later and half a world away by Cicero, who wrote, 'The first bond of society is marriage; next, children; and then the family.'"    written by Justice Anthony Kennedy, June 2015


Thank you for your support and encouragement, not to mention friendship over the past year. We both feel very lucky that we were able to be together to work on our precana..." E&A

For those that are getting married within a Catholic Christian context, officiating clergy often will request a formal Pre-Marriage Prep program. One highly recommended program is the FOCCUS inventory. This tool consists of approx 170 questions, ranging from Finances, Extended Family, Sex and Intimacy, Dual Careers and much much more. For more detailed information, please see their website,

We are delighted to provide this service for you. Simply contact and she will guide you through the steps of ordering the inventory. The fee is $15 for the report (paid to FOCCUS) and $200 for the assessment report, when you meet with Eileen to review the results.

Love is patient; Love is kind
Love is not jealous, it does not put on airs, it is not snobbish.
Love is never rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not prone to anger; neither does it brood over injuries.
Love does not rejoice in what is wrong but rejoices with the truth.
There is no limit to love's forbearance, to its trust, its hope, its power to endure.



Rites of Initiation

It is grace, and something to be celebrated, when love is found between people.  That love can lead to marriage and the blessings of children. We are people of tradition and with the gift of a child we often return to our roots, through Rites of Initiation. 

Several decades ago, our family was searching for a way to bless and welcome our children into both religious traditions of Judaism and Catholicism.  We were lucky to find other families like ourselves, along with thoughtful, progressive clergy that were open to our quest.  On the first night of Hanukkah years ago, with an Irish fiddle present, we celebrated a ritual of Rite of Hebrew Naming, and Catholic Baptism --- you could almost hear the angels singing!

We are  in the process of setting our calendar for next year, 2020. This year, there are two remaining ceremony dates. For more information, please contact

If you would like to see a copy of the celebration of Naming and Baptism, I invite you to purchase my book, the link found below. 

"Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony today. As always, it was a beautiful day and everything was perfect. You did a wonderful job. Thank you again,  kg"

"I didn’t see you after the ceremony to thank you — it was beautiful and very touching, even though we were pretty occupied wrangling a wandering one-year-old!" DM

"Yesterday’s celebration was such a joy.  I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you and the celebrants for your work and dedication with the goal of bringing the Catholic and Jewish faith communities together."  JB


To be your wedding officiant, my rates are commensurate with how involved you want me to be (for example, base rate including first meeting and wedding is $500; should you want to meet more often, additional fees apply.)  

For consultation, a phone call is complimentary; the first hour (90 minutes) is $75.00 (plus you get a copy of my book, "Making Our Way to Shore”)

For other rituals, please ask!