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“We are so thankful for the beautiful ceremony you conducted, your love and support and the work you do. In our current world, your work means so much to us…” --F&B 

“It was an honor to have you officiate; I am deeply touched and grateful.” KO 

“My husband and I wanted to renew our marriage vows of 30 years. We had renewed every ten with a variety of faiths, and were looking for something different. That's when I recalled our friend and previous neighbor, Eileen. She worked out the perfect scenario: a Judeo-Christian ceremony. It was beautiful! There were tears, there was laughter, but most of all we felt love for each other, guests and all. Memories were honored, and some new ones made, thanks to the compassionate presence of Eileen” DT

“Eileen has been personable and generous from the outset. She really supported me and my wife to come together in a way that was meaningful for us, asking questions to help the three of us recognize who we want to be, and providing insights and suggestions to help us realize that vision, both in our wedding ceremony, and in our first days as an emerging family.” ER

“Eileen was patient, calming, and supportive - even though our request was only a month and a half ahead of our wedding! We were also looking to incorporate three traditions, and she balanced listening with gentle but informed guidance. One of our most magical moments of our wedding was two nights before, when Eileen spent a few hours with us in Lincoln Park, finding a place for us to get married, and co-creating our ceremony. She was truly a remarkable and important part of the time before, the day of, and the time since our wedding.” ZE

“We wanted to thank you so much for everything that you have done. The ceremony was absolutely perfect. People are still talking about how amazing the ceremony was and how awesome our officiant was! Words cannot describe how grateful we are to have met you.” AS

“We’re just so thrilled with how the day turned out. We absolutely are looking forward to crossing paths with you again, God willing. We are grateful for helping to make our day so memorable and joyous.” AM

We are so thankful we found you…you were the missing piece of the puzzle that tid our ceremony together. We know conducting an interfaith ceremony – and between two cultures – can be a challenge, and you pulled it off beautifully.  We are so grateful for the personal touches you put on the ceremony. We have received nothing but compliments; we are looking forward to staying in touch…”  NT