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Several years ago, The Interfaith Union began as an outreach to couples who had a child and were approaching the moment of Hebrew Naming and Baptism, with little or no preparation. Drawn to the desire to walk with them on this journey and beyond, the organization was formed with the underpinnings of education, and discernment.

Many years later, we have maintained our mission, yet expanded our scope. We are delighted to announce a new program area: The Inquiry Group for couples! All are welcome to join us: whether you are single and dating, newly engaged, newly married or just interested in how to live an interfaith life with integrity and joy, while navigating the minefields calmly with wisdom and vigor. Whether the conversation is new to you, or you continue to wrestle and ponder certain issues, or would like to share your experience, we invite you to join us: Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Muslim or those that are not defined by a label…..we are honored by your presence!

We are in the process of redefining how and when we meet. If you have a topic you would like to recommend for discussion, please let us know, as we strive to respond to your needs.

Please know we are available also for one-one one consultation @$90 per hour. For those who are being married and are required to perform Pre-Cana counseling, we are able to assist you with marriage prep requirements.

If you would like more information, or if you would like to be added to the mailing list, please contact Eileen@theinterfaithunion.org

We look forward to meeting you!  


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